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US Stationery company closes

US Stationery company closes

I posted on facebook this morning - Devastating news! One of the biggest stationery companies in the US has had to close it's doors. They were renowned for excellence, quality, cutting edge designs, customer service and reputation. Lots of staff have lost their jobs and maybe quite a few orders incomplete! It is so sad. They were inspirational in our industry. This is now the 7th major stationery company in the states to cease trading. Just what is happening out there? So so sad. Our thoughts and wishes go out to all their lovely staff, the president and directors, it must be tough.

More news is now coming out and apparently this has left many retailers and brides to be and Barmitzvah mum's without their stationery orders.  A nightmare it must be, all round.

Retailers are up in arms about the so sudden demise, doors closed, emails un responded to and no word of warning to anyone, but would they really have had time to actually contact all their dealers/retailers. I think realistically if e.g. they have been a victim of foreclosure then whoever that person is who instructs it then it's a rapid thing, keys taken off them etc etc so there wouldn' really be the calmness and time to contact everyone.

I totally understand how these poor retailers and dealers must feel but I think we must give a second and think about the man at the top of the company and his staff below him and what a terrible situation to be faced with - telling his loyal staff of 30 years that the doors are closed and that his and their world has come crashing down. 

It really is such a shame.